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LightStatus is the Simplest, Bright and Amazing App in the world!



Mobile App LightStatus with Led Gadget "iLighter" will paint your life and  show your mood literally .

 Just insert iLighter in your iPhone, choose your mood with one touch and share it

 with your friends in social network and the real world!

Now people won’t need to ask about your mood, they will see it instantly!


iLighter2 Soon

Round Type


Square Type



Mobile App LightStatus with  oled Screen Gadget «iLighter II» will paint your life and  show your mood, emotions and status literally . Ilighter II gives you more opportunities to express your emotions in the form of an images that you choose in the app and set up its on the gadget  iLighter II.


Just pin the digital screen to your  clothes or anywhere you want, choose your mood or  status with one touch and share it with your friends in social network and the real world! Express, share and show your emotions, status, national holidays, your favorite sports teams and events and much more that important to you.

Now people won’t need to ask about your mood or status they will see it instantly!


Light Status App for iPhone

Work with the smallest  LED Gadgets iLighter and iLighter 2


Application Lightstatus will be available in App Store rom January 2016. The mass production of the most tiny LED gadget in the world is planned on Febrary 2016. Stay tuned!

IIP Brothers LLC


We are Pashko Brothers, set up our company IIP Brothers in 2013. The company’s basic work is aimed at the development of innovative gadgets with NFC and BLE technology, mobile applications and premium class portable chargers under 4Second Life trademark. We are the software and hardware developers licensed by Apple. Our company also owns trademarks and patents for our technologies in the USA, Hong Kong and China.


CEO, Founder, Designer


Founder, Business Dev. Director


Cofounder, Financial Director

  Hong Kong Electonics

Fair 2015

   CES 2016

   Las Vegas, USA


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MSRP    13,95$

Distribution Rates    3,49$

Jan 2016

Dealler Price    6,95$

Feb 2016

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 LightStatus App & iLighter

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